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Cookbook 177: Asian After Work

I love Adam Liaw, he has such a beautiful voice, is so passionate about food and the cultures of food, about making food accessible, and sharing in the joy of food. I’d been deciding what book of his to buy for a while, and settled on Asian After Work as something that would be accessible, …

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Cookbook 103: Sensational Salad Recipes

This was Scott’s book.  Yes, there is that tricky past tense.  I cannot recommend this book to anyone.  I mean, salads are nice, but these salads are boring for the most part, and I’ve found much better salads in other recipe books.  Anyway, at some point Family Circle released Sensational Salad Recipes, and with a …

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Cookbook 19: a little taste of… morocco

I bought this cookbook for Scott for Christmas one year, the same year he bought me a Tagine.  At the time it was sold by Oxfam a shop I love to wander around in.  The recipes are neatly laid out, with insert photos of tricky or possibly confusing steps, the instructions are easily understood, and …

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