July 2014 archive

Cookbook 83 (ish): Asian Cooking Made Easy

As we’ve previously established, I am addicted to cookbooks.  I find it very hard to say “no” when someone makes me an amazing offer of “buy these recipes on a periodical basis for not very much money, and we’ll throw in the supporting folders and other information”, I generally say, “yes please”.  And this is …

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Cookbook 82: Tasty Mince Recipes

So the lovely Scott brought the Family Circle Tasty Mince Recipes with him when he moved in, because this is not a book I would have thought to buy on my own.  It’s not that I am against minced meat in any way, it’s just that I don’t need an entire recipe book dedicated to …

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Cookbook 81: Margaret Fulton’s Book of Quick Meals

Firstly, the recipes in Margaret Fulton’s Book of Quick Meals are not actually by Margaret Fulton, but by Michelle Berriedale Johnson.  That of course doesn’t stop them being quite tasty, though in some cases definitely a product of their time.  This book is designed to take advantage of frozen or pre-packaged foods where appropriate in …

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