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Cookbook 103: Sensational Salad Recipes

This was Scott’s book.  Yes, there is that tricky past tense.  I cannot recommend this book to anyone.  I mean, salads are nice, but these salads are boring for the most part, and I’ve found much better salads in other recipe books.  Anyway, at some point Family Circle released Sensational Salad Recipes, and with a …

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Cookbook 88: Tagines & Couscous

I purchased the Australian Women’s Weekly Tagines & Couscous when I was teaching myself how to make Moroccan food, and then never cooked from it because I had several other Moroccan cookbooks which were less focused on certain cooking types.  Like all modern/recent AWW cookbooks, this one is well laid out with clear instructions for …

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Cookbook 53: fast food

This time we cooked from a book purporting to be all about fast food, that being food that is fast to prepare and cook versus fast food you might choose to purchase from a fast food venue.  There are many things wrong with this book, which means I really can’t recommend it unless you’re happy …

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