March 2013 archive

Cook Book 33: great vegetarian food

I cooked from the Australian Women’s Weekly great vegetarian food cook book… and I wasn’t impressed.  It wasn’t very interesting, and apparently vegetarians don’t use salt, ever, in anything, even when you would use salt.  All the dishes, as far as I was concerned, were lacking in flavour and needed more herbs, spices, garlic, onion, …

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Cookbook 32: Step-by-step Indian Cooking

We’re not sure whose cookbook this is in our house.  No one remembers owning it, but since it was on my cookbook shelf, we cooked from it anyway.  Sharda Gopal’s Step-by-Step Indian Cooking, starts with an introduction covering types of Indian food, presentation and regional specialities.  The next section, which is fantastic, covers basic techniques …

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