November 2013 archive

Cookbook 56: Comfort Food: Recipes to soothe, cheer, reassure and indulge

I bought Comfort Food: Recipes to sooth, cheer, reassure and indulge some years ago, and mostly because it has a stuck on velveteen texture on the cover, and books that feel good as well as sound good are hard to put down.  This book is odd though.  If I feel like comfort food should be …

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Cookbook 55: Classic Indian: Easy, delicious and authentic recipes

This recipe book is Classic Indian: Easy, delicious and authentic recipes, with a forward by Rafi Fernandez (out of print).  I didn’t find the recipes delicious or as a result overly authentic.  They used all the right spices, but still somehow managed to make food that was quite dull, so they either used the right …

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Cookbook 54: bites

This book is from The Australian Women’s Weekly, creative food series, titled bites.  Apparently it was reprinted due to popular demand, which surprises me because I really didn’t find it all that interesting or useful as a cookbook. Apparently this book is to help you prepare for dinner parties, and if that’s the case, I …

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