July 2023 archive

Moving the website

Hi all Today I was notified that I can no longer use the URL cookbookproject.id.au because the rules for that nameserver no longer allow websites for hobbies or special interests (from March 2022 apparently). So what does this mean? I’m going to rebrand the website and move it to another host. For people who have …

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Cookbook 188: Persiana Everyday

I bought Persiana Everyday by Sabrina Ghayour for Scott, for Christmas, after he flipped through a copy that was gifted to his parents by another family member. The recipes looked good, the inclusion of pork in a cookbook inspired by Persia seemed odd, but I’m not here to judge (well not that, I am totally …

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Random rewritten recipe – Spicy carrot and lentil soup

No photos, because I was busy eating the soup, but it was light orange, as you’d expect. Ok, so I thought I’d mix around Friday soup night and add a new soup to the repertoire. Normally I’m making either potato and leek soup or a red curry pumpkin soup, both of which are fantastic, but …

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