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Hi there and welcome to my Cook Book Nook.  I am somewhat addicted to buying cook books, the idea of being able to cook tasty food from all around the world just seems so ripe with possibilities that I find it very hard to resist purchasing more and more books.  This of course is silly given the number of free recipes on the internet, but I like books, so I just keep collecting them.

One of the things I’ve learnt while maintaining this website is the absolute importance of instructions. I’m frequently surprised by how poor some instructions are and how it appears that recipes have not been proof read or tested by other people.

I aim to cook something extraordinary when I can, and will update the blog with a photo/s of what is made,  as well as where the recipe is from (Booktopia/Readings links as appropriate), and the recipe (which is fair use in Australia).

If you need to contact me about this blog, you can do so at rebecca [dot] dominguez [at] gmail [dot] com.

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