June 2014 archive

Cookbook 80: Vegie Main Meals

I cooked from the Australian Women’s Weekly Vegie Main Meals, and I was not disappointed.  The book states, “Triple Tested” on the front, and all the recipes were a delight – as you’d hope they were coming from the AWW kitchen.  The instructions were straightforward and easy to understand, the decision as to what to …

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Cookbook 79: Classic Cajun: Hot and spicy Louisiana Cooking

I bought this book as a part of three, the other two (African, Indian) I’ve already cooked from as part of this project.  Classic Cajun: Hot and spicy Louisiana cooking, with a foreword by Rube Le Bois is not a book that my capsicum allergic, vegetarian housemate could partake of.  All but one vegetable recipe …

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Cookbook 78: The Best of Clay Pot Cooking

Do you ever wonder why some cookbooks have dust jackets, especially when the hard cover of the book is exactly the same as the print on the dust jacket?  Me too. The Best of Clay Pot Cooking by Dana Jacobi was a book I bought in the hope of finding recipes to use my clay …

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