March 2014 archive

Cookbook 70: Vegetable Bible

This week I cooked from Vegetable Bible: From the Earth to the table (now out of print – link not recommended for purchases).  The recipes were tasty, but required a knowledge of cooking to work successfully.  There were a few times in the recipes I made where I wondered why an ingredient was listed (turned …

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Cookbook 69: Best of New Idea Cooking

This cookbook is old.  I think it might have come from my grandmother’s collection, or perhaps my mother’s.  It dates from the late 70s to early 80s, there isn’t a date inside to indicate exactly when it was published, but it was a whole $2.95 at the time for 200 recipes. The Best of New …

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Cookbook 68: The Only Cookbook You’ll Ever Need

Yes, this book is so ambitiously titled that it should make any self respecting cookbook owner both a) want to own it to prove the title wrong, and b) laugh and laugh and laugh. The Only Cookbook you’ll ever need by Zoe Camrass was published in 1977 and is a very interesting snapshot of food …

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