October 2014 archive

Cookbook 91: The Australian Women’s Weekly Best Ever Recipes

The Australian Women’s Weekly Best Ever Recipes is an epic claim.  It’s the type of claim that you’re only going to fail at, especially when you’re making the claim sometime in the late 70s/early 80s, and being the AWW you’re going to release more Best Ever Recipe books.  This book was incredibly hard to find …

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Cookbook 90: Sizzle

Not quite sure where this cookbook came from.  I don’t recall buying it, which doesn’t mean I didn’t, but I have a sneaking suspicion that James was interested in the stir fry nature of the recipes.  This book does have a good representation of vegetarian recipes, but when I cooked from it there were only …

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Cookbook 89: The Australian Women’s Weekly Stir Fries

I have no idea where the AWW Stir Fries cookbook came from, and really I don’t recommend it to you.  There are plenty of other AWW cookbooks that do stir fries better, and plenty of other cookbooks that do stir fries better. The instructions are well written, the picture with each recipe looks appetising, but …

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