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Cookbook 73: Easy Thai-style Cookery

Easy Thai-style Cookery from the Australian Women’s Weekly is certainly very Thai, but not quite as easy as you’d first think from the title.  The recipes in this book definitely required a trip to a well stocked Asian grocer, and is not very vegetarian friendly – though there are one of two recipes in the …

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Cookbook 46: Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook

Another one from the late 70s/early 80s stable of the Australian Women’s Weekly – the Chinese Cooking Class Cookbook.  Like many of the books produced by AWW around this time, it could do with some better play testing before being released into the wider market.  There are some really nice recipes in here, and they’re …

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Cookbook 39: Thai Cooking

So I cooked from the Family Circle, step-by-step Thai Cooking recipe book.  It was good, though not particularly vegetarian friendly (lots of fish sauce).  The green curry with chicken was a favourite, though watery – again the fault of our coconut cream and not the recipe.  The book overall has great recipes, good photos of …

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