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Cookbook 134: Sri Owen’s Indonesian Food (and revisiting cookbook 115)

I’m quite behind in writing these up, so they are not going to be in a particular order, and i may forget what I thought about recipes. 2018 has been a year, and I’ve been flat out for most of it. It’s not been bad for me personally, but it has been from stressful to …

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Cookbook 73: Easy Thai-style Cookery

Easy Thai-style Cookery from the Australian Women’s Weekly is certainly very Thai, but not quite as easy as you’d first think from the title.  The recipes in this book definitely required a trip to a well stocked Asian grocer, and is not very vegetarian friendly – though there are one of two recipes in the …

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Cookbook 25: Bake: Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of home baking

I had a busy weekend, and so thought I’d do some baking, and I was bought a wonderful bench mixer by a fantastic group of people who love me, so I couldn’t not use it because that would be rude.  I chose to cook from the Australian Women’s Weekly, Bake: Celebrating the time-honoured tradition of …

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