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Cookbook 29: Risottos Pilafs & Paellas

This cookbook is from the family circle publishing house and is Risottos Pilafs and Paellas (I don’t know where the errant comma went, I assume it’s having a good time somewhere). I bought this cookbook an age ago to learn how to make risottos as I loved to eat them but had no idea on …

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Cookbook 17: The Essential Rice Cookbook

I bought this book on sale at a bookshop which has downsized and only now has one store that I am aware of.  I bought it because the word “rice” is the biggest word in the title, and rice is one of my biggest comfort foods.  The idea of having an entire book of comfort …

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From the memory bank – Risotto

Risotto is the go to, can’t be bothered thinking about what to make for dinner recipe for me.  It’s great for using up vegetables, and since I tend to use vegetable based stocks (generally Massell), it’s vegetarian until I add meat (which I cook separately), so I can easily cook this for my vegetarian friends …

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